Activities of the Ashrama along the lines laid down by Swami Vivekananda – "Atmano Mokshartham Jagadhitaya cha" or "for the liberation of self & welfare of the world."

Swami Vivekananda Scholarships for Students

General guidelines and information to students applying for scholarship

1. This scholarship is meant for students pursuing Std. X, PUC, undergraduate and postgraduate studies, and professional courses from accredited institutions/universities in the state of Karnataka, INDIA.

2. A minimum of 60% must be scored in the last examination to be eligible for consideration of an application under this scheme.

3. The scholarship amount shall range from Rs.500/- to Rs.5000/- per year depending on the level of studies being pursued. This scholarship money is paid in one lump sum amount.

4. The decision to award the scholarship is based on academic merit as well as the economic condition of the family. Hence, proper records indicating the above need to be furnished by the applicant.

5. Each application must be accompanied by the following details without which the application will not be processed.

a. Application form completed in all respects.

( i ) Complete education details (to be mentioned in the application form)

( ii ) Family Income details (to be mentioned in the application form) – if short listed, adequate proof shall be required to be produced on demand

b. Copy of the marks sheet of all previous examinations from Std X onwards (for students presently in Std. X a copy of the previous year’s marks card is sufficient)

c. Testimonials as mentioned in the application form:

( i ) Letter from the head of the institution certifying the candidate to be a bonafide member of the institution or a copy of the ID card of the institution,

( ii ) A character/conduct certificate from the Head of the institution and

( iii )A certificate from the Head of the Institution stating that the applicant deserves this scholarship.

d. Complete name and daytime contact details of two persons who can provide reference for the applicant (they should know the applicant for at least 1 year) – these can be professors, professionals, etc. and not family members, relatives or fellow students.

6. Completed applications along with the required testimonials should be sent by post to:

Swami Vivekananda Scholarships
Post Box No. 183
Belgaum – 590 001
Karnataka, INDIA
Ph: (0831) 2432789, 2430789

7. Last date for receiving the completed application – JULY 31ST, 2007

8. All efforts, depending on the number of applications received, will be made to send a reply within 4 weeks of the closure date of the applications indicating the status.

9. An applicant needs to apply afresh if he/she wishes to avail the scholarship for subsequent years. The process of application and selection will remain the same, including the eligibility criteria.

10. Every applicant receiving the financial aid, in good faith, shall repay the entire amount within the first year of getting employed. If the applicant has been a recipient of the scholarship in successive years, the repayment can span the same number of years. This amount shall be utilized to continue to provide scholarships to other needy students.

11. Please write to us for procuring the application form.

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