Activities of the Ashrama along the lines laid down by Swami Vivekananda – "Atmano Mokshartham Jagadhitaya cha" or "for the liberation of self & welfare of the world."

Report of the August Conventions

To inspire students, youths, teachers with character building and man-making ideals, the Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Belgaum had organized various conventions on August 21 & 22, 2007. Apart from these conventions lecture programmes were held for MBBS students, Doctors and PG Students, staff Nurses at KLES’ Hospital and at Belgaum Institute of Medical Sciences (BIMS).

RM 122-1 (Custom)
Students gathering on the day of the convention

Sri Swami Bodhamayanandaji Maharaj, Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, T.Nagar, Chennai, Sri Swami Atmaprananandaji and Swami Yukteshanandaji (Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Belgaum), Dr Gururaj Karajagi (Chairman, International Academy of Creative Teaching, Bangalore), Sri Chakravarthi Sulibele (well known columnist and orator) addressed the gathering during these conventions.

The guests of honour were Sri K.D. Birje (Additional Commissioner, Belgaum), Sri S. Jayakumar (Deputy Director of Public Instructions, Belgaum) & Sri Raghavendra Auradker (Inspector General of Police, Northern Range, Belgaum). The conventions were held in the Ashrama premises thus providing a congenial atmosphere for deep and noble thinking.

Features of the conventions:

 DSCF0005-1 (Custom)
Vedic Chanting & Bhajans

  RM 040 (Custom)
Lectures with Multimedia Presentation

 RM 139-1 (Custom)
Exhibition & sale of Books, CDs & Cassettes

 RM 124-1 (Custom)
Lunch Prasad & Tea/Snacks for all participants

  • Free distribution of books on Character building, Personality Development and on life and teachings of Swami Vivekananda
  • Video Recordings of the Conventions are available & can be ordered.






Aug 21

10 – 12:30 pm 10th Standard Students (In English) 600
  3-5:15 pm 10th Standard Students (in Kannada) 550
  3:45 – 5:30 pm Lecture for 1st year MBBS at Belgaum institute of Medical Sciences (BIMS) 100

Aug 22

10 – 12:45 pm High School Teachers (in Kannada) 400
  10:30 – 12 pm Lecture for Doctors, Post Graduate Students at KLES’ Hospital 100
  3-6 pm College Students 800
  7-8:30 pm Lecture for Doctors, MBBS Students and staff nurses at BIMS 100

The Response:

The conventions and lectures were aimed at providing noble thoughts to the participants to strengthen their personality. Ideas that inspire students, youths and teachers were put forward during the conventions.

DSCF0033-1 (Custom)
Teachers’ Convention

 RM 066-1 (Custom)
Youth Convention

The response was overwhelming. The interest shown by the participants was clear by the way they welcomed these ideas. Throughout the sessions there was quiet and order showing that the participants were deeply absorbed in the programme.

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